Choco Walking Tour La Vila Joiosa

A taste of the region´s former capital.


Our most delicious tour: How did this fishing town become a chocolate centre?
What is the history of its houses, each painted in a different colour?


A morning to get to know the capital of the Marina Baja region. The most important city in the area and one of the most important during the Roman Empire, known as Allon.

This Seafaring, fishing, industrial, agricultural and especially chocolate-making city had more than 30 chocolate factories until the beginning of the 20th century. Today there are only 4 of them left. The guide will explain all the why´s and will guide you through its interesting old town with narrow, peculiar streets and houses with facades painted in different colors. A very original color mosaic.

Also, the large promenade with its facades of colored houses overlooking the sea. Fishermen’s houses who used to paint them in different colors, like their boats, in order to distinguish them from the sea. Today, its ground floors have been transformed into bars, shops and restaurants.

We will visit one of its chocolate factories and enjoy a chocolate tasting.


  • Adult 15€
  • Child 6-12 years 10€
  • Babies Free




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